EXPLOTACIONES GOFEMAR has highly qualified personnel to carry out all kinds of plumbing jobs from individual homes to large buildings.  No matter the size, our workshop is fully equipped to carry out all types of installations and repairs, big or small.

Our services include:

  • Diagnosis, repair and servicing of hot and cold water installations, drains, guttering, pipes, internal down pipes and PVC, PE and PB manholes, multi-layered, steel, copper and zinc.
  • Diagnosis, repair and servicing of gas installations and boilers.
  • Tanks, pressure pump rooms, pumps, manometers and pressure gauges, valves, siphons, etc.
  • Cleaning and unblocking drinking and waste water pipes.
  • Water purification and filtering (reverse osmosis, flash evaporation, desalination, demineralisation, chlorination, treatment, etc).
  • Swimming Pools and Sprinklers.

All our jobs are guaranteed.