The founding partners and staff members comprising EXPLOTACIONES GOFEMAR provide extensive experience when carrying out all types of build works, with the use of the most advanced construction technology. The expertise of the technical engineers and managers and commitment as a whole, both from within the organisation and from external suppliers, in addition to a dedicated team of specialists, are paramount towards the smooth running of the company and without which our goals would not be realised. Needless to say our company philosophy is to provide excellence on every level and service in the true sense of the word, both to existing and future customers alike, and continue to benefit from a well deserved and renowned reputation which has gone from strength to strength since EXPLOTACIONES GOFEMAR was founded.

Today EXPLOTACIONES GOFEMAR manages and carries out all kinds of build works and projects, from the smallest to the most complex. Suffice to say, our customer portfolio and expectations have given us the perfect springboard to branch out into specialist areas including the construction process and use of new materials and technology.